14th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science, IAFSS2023, Tsukuba, Japan


Here are key instructions to all presenters at IAFSS symposium. Please note that WS poster session will be held at the different room on Sunday
(please see Workshop).

For oral presentations in general sessions:

  • About video submission
  • Please use the presenter's PC; the presenter should come to the presentation room at least 10 minutes before the session starts to check the connection to the projector.
  • HDMI and VGA connections are available. Please prepare an appropriate adopter if the presenter's PC does not allow an HDMI/VGA connection.
  • A 3.5mm audio jack can be used to use the room's speaker.
  • Speaker's presentation and Question & Answer will be limited to 20 and 5 minutes each (we ask speakers to be mindful of time)
  • Speakers and session chairs should be in their respective room at least 10min before the start of their session.

For poster presentations:

  • There is no need to upload the poster in EasyChair or send it to the Symposium organizers.
  • The posters must be printed in A0, portrait orientation.
  • Authors are responsible for printing the poster and bringing it to the Symposium's venue.
  • Symposium poster sessions will take place during the lunch breaks of Tuesday 24th (Poster Session A) and Thursday 26th ((Poster Session B)s. During the poster session, the author(s) of the poster are expected to stand next to their respective poster. The list of posters in each session will be made available soon.
  • Authors of posters are expected to hang their poster on Monday (after lunch) and remove it on Thursday (preferably after the afternoon tea/coffee break).
  • All posters left on Friday will be discarded without any notice.

For image presentations:

  • The images must be printed between A5 (148 ㎜ × 210 ㎜) and A4 (210 ㎜ × 297 ㎜) in size. Image sessions will take place at the Multi-purpose Hall between Monday 23rd and Thursday 26th of October in free-viewing style (namely, authors are not required to be in attendance at their image).
  • Authors are responsible for printing the image and bringing it to the Symposium's venue.
  • Authors of images are encouraged to hang their image on Monday 23rd after lunch and remove it on Thursday 26th after the afternoon Coffee/Tea break.
  • Images displayed at the venue of the IAFSS2023 will be considered for the Best Image Award.
  • All images left on Friday will be discarded without any notice.